About Food Waste Transparency

Awareness is not enough

Thanks to the dedicated work of some few, the masses are becoming increasingly aware about the shocking extent of global food waste. This is the good news. However, awareness is not enough!

Enable the Consumer

The Food Waste Transparency Foundation (FWT) is set to create and maintain the needed infrastructure to utilize the purchasing power of the increasing number of food waste enlightened consumers. It provides the needed transparency to allow the consumer to compare products on the level of their true sustainability, which next to “organic” and “fair trade” also needs to include “food waste”. We are making food waste visible.


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Incentivize the Industry

The truth: lower levels of food waste are not only desirable, but possible. All that is needed are additional investments into the development and application of food waste reducing technologies and best practices on behalf of the supply chain.

In its current state the market does not provide sufficient incentives for the supply chain. In fact, we are observing a market failure. FWT creates new business opportunities for the food supply chain, allowing them to generate a return on investment by differentiating their produce in accordance to the preferences of the consumer.

Moreover, the FWT online community connects problem owners (supply chain participants from the farmer to the supermarket that want to reduce the level of food waste of their operations) with solution provider  (entrepreneurs, technology companies, but also other problem owners that came up with innovative solutions).

Turning the reduction of  Food Waste into Business

As a consequence of FWT´s work, the food supply chain will face additional incentives to invest into the reduction of food waste: not only do they save money by reducing the level of avoidable food losses (direct costs of food waste), moreover they are able to differentiate their produce in accordance to the preferences of consumers for more sustainable products (indirect costs of food waste) and therewith increase the value of their product.